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5 ways the WSJ destroyed this simple bar chart

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I just read this article ( and had to immediately post.  I'll keep it simple:

  1. I had to figure out  the colored bars corresponded to the Feb 2018 declines.
  2. There's no legend for the gradient.  I assume it's the percentage of decline.
  3. Labeling each bar would make the amount of decline specific.
  4. The chart is placed far away from where the declines are discussed.

And get ready for the finale!

5. Seems green indicates decline -- the first time I've ever seen -- and I've seen a lot. 

Feel free to post your ideas for a makeover!


  1. This type of visualization is no exception. Have a look at the charts of Nielsen and others in LinkedIn and you will find out that decent visualization criteria isn’t valid within the Market researcher’s segment.

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