Intensify the experiential, visual, and analytical effect of Tableau



Your user base is familiar with browser and app interfaces, so deliver the same experience with data and visuals. As you rollout across the company, don’t expect them to learn Tableau’s controls.

Tableau has fantastic out-of-the-box charts. We applied a generous amount of imagination and recombined them to expand your visual vocabulary and in unique ways to increase engagement.
You bought Tableau to accelerate making decisions. To realize your full investment, learn the techniques we’ve taught clients to evolve their everyday charts into actionable, analytic powerhouses.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Do I have to be an advanced Tableau user to follow along?"
A: We designed SOAR so you only need a basic knowledge of Tableau Desktop to follow the step-by-step instructions and quickly learn new skills you can use on every project right away.
Q: "What version of Tableau Desktop do I need?"
A: At minimum Tableau 10.0.
Q: "Why should I buy this from you?"

A: DecisionViz is one of the first Tableau partners.  Our founder was an early customer (2009) and has received many honors from Tableau, including proudly named one of the few worldwide Tableau Ambassadors and awarded ‘Viz of the Day.’

Q: "I took Tableau's advanced training and follow all the blogs. How can SOAR help me?"

A: Tableau's training and free resources are fantastic and always a source of learning how to "work" Tableau.

SOAR is based on over eight years of creating innovative visual solutions. There are many great blogs out there, but most address how to fix a specific problem.

We have gone above and beyond to ensure you get the best training possible.   SOAR teaches how to make Tableau work for you based on projects we have deployed with clients.