Master the art of using Tableau and become a Data Rockstar


Why does it seem so hard to put data into visual terms?

Aren’t you tired of slogging through endless data and still coming up with dull visualizations?

Borrow the experience of someone who has learned all the ins and outs of Tableau

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Follow step-by-step instructions in the provided Tableau workbooks. No jumping back and forth to videos or blog posts.

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Learn our techniques that consistently WOW even Tableau’s own product experts. Accelerate your career and be a leader.

With Viz of the Month Club™ you can make the complex seem easy.

Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to produce clean, beautiful visuals. Follow along to time-tested techniques and use the skills you learn from Viz of the Month Club to create exceptional results and highly successful projects.

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So what is Viz of the Month Club all about?

Every month, we email you two or three Tableau workbooks with easy-to-understand steps on how to create specific visualizations.

You master all the secrets of Tableau by tapping into 7+ years, of DecisionViz working with clients, and skyrocketing your visualizations.

Rather than focusing on some over-the-top fancy ways to use Tableau, we have concentrated on the practical side to boost your impact instantly.

Is it that special? You bet!

These are not basic ideas you find painfully scouring through blogs and community sites.


We organized each set of workbooks into a theme which makes it easy for you to learn everything and build on the new ideas.

Here are a few areas to which we will introduce you:

  • Become a Label Machine

  • Traverse the Trellis

  • Win the Dual Axis Duel

I want to pass my knowledge on to you! Get access to:

  • Tableau workbooks packed with creative ideas

  • Free updates to future changes for current subscribers

  • Super-practical ideas you can put to use right away

  • Best-practices to boost your learning

  • New visualization types to spark engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Do I have to be an advanced Tableau user to follow along?”

A: We designed Viz of the Month Club™ so you only need a basic knowledge of Tableau desktop to easily follow the step-by-step instructions and quickly learn new skills you can immediately use on every project.

Q: “What version of Tableau Desktop do I need?”

A: The file you download contains versions for Tableau 9.3.6+ and Tableau 10.0.

Q: “Can’t I just find all these ideas on the Tableau blogs and articles?”

A: Viz of the Month Club™ is based on over seven years of creating innovative visual solutions. There are many great blogs out there, but most address how to fix a specific problem.

We have gone above and beyond to ensure you get the best training possible. Rather than focusing on over-the-top fancy ways to use Tableau, we have concentrated on the practical side to boost your impact instantly.

Q: “Do you make it hard to cancel?”

A: We know you will be continuing to learn and get better at Tableau, so if you ever feel you’ve outgrown the program, please feel free to cancel anytime.

If you have the monthly plan, and you won’t be charged for any future months. If you have the annual plan, you won’t be charged at your annual renewal date.

You can read more in our Terms of Use

Q: “This is great, can I share workbooks with my team?”

A: We know you will find Viz of the Month Club™ super valuable! We thought about deploying secret codes, 1024-bit encryption, and other things that might slow down sharing — but they would just annoy you, and we like you too much.

It’s a safe bet you don’t share your salary with other people. We can only bring you this amazing content through a great audience of paid subscribers.

Q: “Why should I buy this from you?”

A: I am one of the earliest Tableau partners and have worked with Tableau for over seven years — I was originally a customer.

Tableau proudly named me one of the few Tableau Ambassadors. I’ve been awarded two ‘Viz of the Day’ honors and now, I really want to pass on my knowledge to everyone!